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My Daughter’s Birth: Our personal journey through a Coronavirus-era birth and what we’ll do next.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) had been around in Massachusetts for over a month at this point. I had already adjusted my business to function fully from home, sparingly traveling to my office to take care of essential needs. This day was no different. I had spent the morning with my family which includes setting up my oldest son Lucas for school from home, making breakfast for all, and responding via email to business items. Everyday my youngest, Brooks, asked me for a pop (the kid loves morning popsicles and I can’t blame him) and I drank my morning tea (I gave up coffee during a cleanse that I did in November and haven’t had any since. I’ve legit had everything else I gave up. Why not add coffee back in? No clue). My morning routine was my new normal. I then went up to the office to check-in.

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