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new-school thought.

without being new to the game.

We are not brokers who push buying the latest hot stock or insurance salesmen who talk to you about a financial plan that seems to only include insurance sales as your top issue to attack. Are stocks a part of an investment strategy? Yes, definitely. Is how you protect your family, business, assets, etc. extremely important by evaluating insurance needs? Yup. We get that, but it should be a part of a bigger picture while having a complete understanding of the growth you are pursuing. Not product sales. There are a lot of start-ups who have fresh ideas, yet those running said start-ups lack experience. There are a lot of advisors who have been in the game for a long time, yet lack fresh ideas and tools. We are combining both experience (Brian 13 years, Myles 16 years) and  fresh tech/client experience to bring what we feel is the very best of what a wealth management firm can be for you and your family. 

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