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insurance planning.

to protect your growth.

You've started to build an empire. Now you need to protect it. It is imperative that it connects to your goals and estate plan, but too many times it is sold by salespeople who speak about it as an all-in-one strategy. Let's be clear, we believe insurance is a component of a financial plan and not an investment strategy. Brian carries the CFP® certification and has a passion for planning. Myles carries years of experience in addition to founding our parent company, Pinnacle Private Wealth.  Together they aim to find ways to properly insure you, your business, and your family, with your interests always first.

Provide Recommendations
We will provide recommendations based upon reviewing your complete financial picture. There may be multiple strategies that are recommended or it may be a simple plan. We use a customized approach to your insurance  strategy with you at the center.

Give Insight
We will give insight into what the different insurance offerings available to you are, what does and does not work for you, and provide further education on this space to give you all you need to make the best decision.

Establish Actionable Next Steps
We will create a next steps action list which is a part of your financial plan that helps you move forward confidently in this process.

Need to add to an existing policy or get term coverage for a temporary debt (i.e. mortgage or to pay for the future cost of college)? We have partnered with Spoutt to provide an online solution for both our existing clients and new prospects. 

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