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financial planning.

without the pretense.

Our financial planning meetings are discussions with questions on not only your finances, but what they mean to you and your family, business, team, etc. As stated before, we don't judge anyone or situation. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible when meeting with our team. We get it, sometimes sharing personal finances and what they mean to you can be difficult. Let's change that. We want to make it clear that anything that you share with us during our time together stays with us. Your trust in our team is essential for the financial planning process to be successful. In order to appropriately make recommendations, you can expect us to: 

  • Ask and define personal, financial, and business goals
  • Review your current financial position
  • Discuss cash flow and current debt management (including credit card reduction and student loan review)
  • Develop strategies to enhance savings and investments
  • Evaluate your current and proposed future tax position 
  • Review employer sponsored benefits (health, retirement, insurance plans)
  • Discuss outside health insurance 
  • Review non-qualified deferred compensation plans, stock options, and restricted stock units
  • Review current investment positioning 
  • Recommend appropriate asset allocation and location
  • Help consolidate accounts when possible and import accounts to one system for reviews 
  • Review life and business insurance needs

start planning today